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Chicago, 23.06.2019

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Once again Canadians.

We spent a pleasant Saturday afternoon with family Čejić from London, Canada.

Goran’s sister with her family paid a visit to our team this weekend.

Thank you Gorica, Dejan, Tijana and Anastasija.

Why do I run?

Dear friends, there’s a saying „water and people always find the way“.

Let’s be a team, let’s run together, let’s share the information so the call for solidarity can find its way to those who can help financially.




Goran Nikolić was born on the 1st of September 1967 in Smederevska Palanka. Until he was 18 years old he had lived in Mladenovac, Arandjelovac and Zemun but since 1985 he has lived in Kragujevac, where he works and lives with his family (wife and son).

He has a secondary vocational education, 30 years of experience in the field and just as much experience as a sports worker with a volunteer status.



As a junior, Goran competed in many national athletic competitions after which he became an active recreational athlete.

Since 1994, when he started logging his precise sports calendar, he has been an active recreational athlete.. In 2009 he made an appearance at the Belgrade marathon for the first time, which according to him, meant the start of a a career for the second part of his life. opširnije…


Goran Nikolić is said to be the founder of the paralympic tandem cycling discipline in Serbia.

This discipline is the most integral paralympic discipline in the program, where the pilot (a person with regular eyesight) and copilot (a visually impaired person) work together. Even though it has been present in the paralympic program since 1976, there hadn’t existed a single tandem bicycle in Serbia until 2004. The only versions available were the ones rare enthusiasts built themselves by concatenating two standard bicycles. opširnije…

Sports worker

Goran started paving the way for the organizations of sports competitions ever since he was an elementary school student, having done so by promoting himself through successful organizations of tournaments across multiple schools, for which he had been applauded multiple times by the teacher’s council.