77/77 – Chicago, 03.07.2019.

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Chicago, 03.07.2019.

77/77 IN 4:34:36

By going through the gate of “Diocese of New Gracanica” today the project “77 full marathons in 77 consecutive days” has successfully come to a close.

This project was actually a part of a bigger project which is finishing the construction of sports hall of theology school “Jovan Zlatousti” in Kragujevac which will be used by students of the school, Futsal Club “Ekonomac” and paralympic athletes.

This project had a goal to invite people, organizations and companies to support this project by their donations.

Although, symbolic amount of funds was gathered through donations, we don’t have a right to be disappointed, most of all because of those who accepted our invite.

We are optimistic that we will reach the final goal by the end of the next year thanks to friends who we met through this project.

Thanks to everyone who supported us!

Upcoming days we will gladly share with you some of our experiences, tell you interesting stories from and around the track and also share our plans for the period to come.

Stay tuned.

Why do I run?

Dear friends, there’s a saying „water and people always find the way“.

Let’s be a team, let’s run together, let’s share the information so the call for solidarity can find its way to those who can help financially.