Goran Nikolić was born on the 1st of September 1967 in Smederevska Palanka. Until he was 18 years old he had lived in Mladenovac, Arandjelovac and Zemun but since 1985 he has lived in Kragujevac, where he works and lives with his family (wife and son).

He has a secondary vocational education, 30 years of experience in the field and just as much experience as a sports worker with a volunteer status.

Nikolić is the founder of the Paralympic Club and Academy “Junior” and has been the general secretary since their foundings back in 1998. He is also the initiator and one of the founders of the Sport Alliance of blind and visually impaired people of Serbia and the Paracycling Alliance of Serbia, where he had been doing his jobs as a general secretary for 5 years each.

He has envisioned and successfully realized numerous projects, some of which being:

  • The procurement of the first tandem bicycles in Serbia used for competitive purposes during the year of 2004, through a project supported by ACDI/VOCA and financed by USAID. This project marked the foundation of a novel paralympic discipline in the region and the start of procurement of new tandem bicycles, now totalling to 15 units in the regions of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Initial professional training and the promotion of hiring people with disabilities financed by the partner organizations “European perspective” and “Handicap Care Hellas”. Following the success of this campaign, 5 out of 20 young people with disabilities who underwent the aforementioned training were hired.

Goran acted as an organizer and participant in numerous events and undertakings through which he transparently promoted the sports potential of blind and partially sighted people.

  • “Traditional tandem cycling marathon Kragujevac – Mostar 420 km” which has been organized for the last 12 years.
  • “10 complete athletic marathons (42.195) for 10 days in succession”.
  • „10 punih atletskih maratona (42,195) za 10 uzastopnih dana“
  • The cycling tour starting from the farthest north to the farthest south border of Serbia “Subotica – Vranje”, ridden for two years, which has enabled the associations of blind people the acquisition of new tandem bicycles.

He has been awarded many recognitions for his sports achievements and his contribution to the affirmation of the paralympic sports in Serbia.