Goran Nikolić is said to be the founder of the paralympic tandem cycling discipline in Serbia.

This discipline is the most integral paralympic discipline in the program, where the pilot (a person with regular eyesight) and copilot (a visually impaired person) work together. Even though it has been present in the paralympic program since 1976, there hadn’t existed a single tandem bicycle in Serbia until 2004. The only versions available were the ones rare enthusiasts built themselves by concatenating two standard bicycles.

In 2004 Goran Nikolić presented a project to ACDI/VOCA, which gladly donated 3 tandem cycles to “Junior” thanks to the resources from USAID. To help motivate the young, he created several transparent marathon rides across Serbia and the region in order to attract, firstly the attention of young people with visual impairments and secondly the attention of sponsors and donors willing to enable them the procurement of new tandem bicycles.

Up until the appearance of new young cyclists with visual impairments, for 5 years he had been a part of the national tandem cycling team of Serbia which participated with three crews. He competed in 2 world championships and a number of regional contests.

Goran Nikolić is te founder of the “Traditional tandem cycling marathon Kragujevac (Srbija) – Mostar (BiH)“ which has been ridden for 12 years and helps in maintaining bonds between the two cities. This manifestation has helped in the growth of tandem cycling in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Cycling is currently his alternative recreational discipline since he has to rely on his pilot.

He gained much recognition and was well praised for the rise and development of tandem cycling, as well as for organizing „Kragujevac – Mostar“ manifestation.