Sports worker

Goran started paving the way for the organizations of sports competitions ever since he was an elementary school student, having done so by promoting himself through successful organizations of tournaments across multiple schools, for which he had been applauded multiple times by the teacher’s council.
Shortly after the end of his high school years, he started leading a sports section within the Organization of the visually impaired in Kragujevac. With the aim of evolving the sport club into something greater and position it into the resor of the Youth and sports Ministry, thus making sportspeople with visual impairments equal with others, together with his team, in 1998. he founds the first goalball club in the region of former Yugoslavia. The idea was to divert the people’s attention to the sports potential of people with visual impairments through a simple discipline with a sound ball. In the year of 2003 after creating a number of new clubs similar to “Junior”, he initiated the foundation of the Sports Alliance of blind and visually impaired people of Serbia. As well as being their first general secretary, he played the role of the founder of the goalball league of Serbia.


In 2004 he envisioned a project of procuring high-priced sports tandem bicycles – which were the first in Serbia and the surrounding. Because of this, he is regarded as the founder of this discipline in Serbia.

Thanks to him, the Paracycling Alliance of Serbia was initiated and founded in 2006.

As a manager of this organization, he is responsible for the debut of the national tandem cycling team in the world championship in Bordeaux (France) in 2008 and in Turin (Italy) soon after in 2010. He organized multiple tandem cycling marathons in Serbia and the surrounding countries, with a goal to showcase and promote the sports potential and enthusiasm of blind and visually impaired sportspeople in order to procure new tandem cycles for other clubs and organizations of blind people.

His mission is to maximize the inclusion of people with disabilities in the society through sport, in order to help them reach their existential goals of getting a proper job, allowing them to become dignified members of the society with a feeling of value and self-respect.

For the sports labour he put in, Goran gained numerous social acknowledgements from prestigious institutions.