The book and the film

With support of Rotary club Oplenac Topola, there will be a discussion on the autobiographical book “Marathoner” from Goran Nikolić, organized by Aleksandar Bojić. A projection of the documentary film “With eyes wide open”, filmed by Marko Novaković, will follow. This cultural event has a humanitarian nature, as well. The members of the Rotary club and their friends will be gathering help for the growth of sports for people with disabilities, especially the Paralympic club “Junior” based in Kragujevac, whose member is also Goran Nikolić. Every contributor will get a copy of the just released book “Marathoner” as a gift.

Goran Nikolić iz a marathoner who has beaten the record from the “Guiness book of world records” running 55 marathon races in 55 days in succession. Goran is a person with visual impairment. He was born with only 5% of vision in one eye. This is the story about his life, his thoughts and the undertaking he has actualized, a forbidden love, courage and about surpassing his own boundaries. At the same time, this is a story about finding alternatives in lives of people with disabilities, as well as the expanding limits of human endurance.

Goran Nikolić ran 55 marathons in succession in order to showcase the abilities of people with disabilities and to gather the resources for the development of sports activities of people with disabilities in “Iskra” Center in Kragujevac. “Iskra” is the second endowment of Delta Holding. The film “With eyes wide open” about Goran’s undertaking was produced by Delta Foundation and directed by Marko Novaković. The book “Marathoner” additionally, was edited by Aleksandar Bojić.

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